Pool of Talent Sdn Bhd is a full service provider of business and management services made up of professionals from a diverse field of backgrounds.

Our Vision

To be recognised by our clients as a one-stop business services provider of efficient processes and quicker results at competitive rates.

Our Mission

To be a successful services company that exceeds client expectation with efficiency, trust and integrity.

Our Motto

One stop services provider for all your business needs – ‘PoT…revolutionising the way you do business‘.


The target market for PoT are basically any organization or individual that requires our assistance or services.


PoT's competitive advantages over its competitors is in essence the years of industry experience that its pool of professionals bring to the offering. Each are experts at their own field and bring a wealth of experience and softskills to the outfit, enabling us to provide these expertise and services to clients. This is further leveraged with competitive pricing that we offer for services. With the hands-on expertise and the leadership of PoT management, PoT has so far been successful in filling the critical gap between client and the business environment.


We have experience of working in a varied number of industries and business segment, namely banking, finance, project management as well as transformational management.